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Specialist goods need special attention, which is what we’re all about at PRFM. Contact PRFM today to find out whether hand packing is the solution to your packing problems, and how it can work for your products and orders.

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Bespoke Book Wrapping Service

Our proven track record in treating each customer and each order individually means we are the go-to packaging provider for a range of sectors, including several specialist sellers - including books.

Building on our expertise across everything from cosmetic to gift packaging, PRFM has developed a bespoke book wrapping service that is guaranteed to treat our customers’ books with the care and attention they deserve, ensuring they get to their destination in pristine condition.

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What is book wrapping?

Book wrapping or book packaging is the bespoke way to pack books to ensure they stay in tip-top condition - whether they’re pre-orders, new releases, or limited editions.

There are various ways to package books - usually using postal boxes made from high quality corrugated cardboard. This cushions books inside, protecting them from any damage during the despatch and delivery process.

These book wraps come flat-packed to us, then secure and wrap around books or other printed material.

We use specially-designed wraps that have creases at varying lengths so they can wrap snugly around different thickness books, ensuring that no matter what size it is, it will be wrapped safely and securely. This also means there’s no use for any packaging or filler to pack any spaces, adding to the cost and weight of your packages, and they will also look smart, professional and discreet.

Our book wrapping service is the service of choice for experts in the field, including independent book retailer The Broken Binding, whose expansive literary collection includes a large signed collection.

Book Wrapping

A dedicated book wrapping service

The importance of making sure any book - especially a signed copy - gets to where it needs to get to in perfect condition - is clear. Which is why The Broken Binding trusts PRFM with all their book wrapping needs.

By using a dedicated book wrapping service, you will guarantee the safest, most cost-effective way of sending your books.

Why is book wrapping important?

Books are unlike most other products when it comes to packaging. What they’re made of, what they’re worth, and how easily they can be damaged are all good reasons to invest in a dedicated book wrapping service.

Book wrapping offers bespoke protection that will ensure the books inside stay in the best condition possible. It guarantees protection for every part of them, from the pages to the covers - whether soft back or hard back - and the jackets if they have them.

By using packaging specifically designed for books, you will ensure there are no possible financial losses due to damaged products. Dedicated book packaging will also ensure that any books you send will arrive at their destination in pristine condition - no matter where that is in the world - guaranteeing that your reputation as a seller, and ours as packaging experts, remain second to none.

Why choose PRFM for Book Wrapping

At PRFM we’re experts in all things packaging, offering a range of services from pick and pack to hand packaging, cosmetic packaging and gift wrapping, as well as additional services like personalisation, debranding and rebranding and more.

We have a proven track record when it comes to dedicated book packaging, adding it to the areas where we can demonstrate expertise, care and quality.

As part of our book wrapping service, we can create bespoke printed boxes for books. These have all the same elements of quality and protection for the books inside, but add any wording or printed logos you require.

We can also add additional items to finish the book, including attaching ribbon bows, bookmarks, stickers and more.

If your book is a limited edition and needs to be numbered, we can also offer this service, marking each item according to their number eg 1 of 500.

On top of this, you can combine our book wrapping service with the offer services offered by PRFM, including personalisation, product labelling and gift packaging, allowing you to take advantage of our full suite of services.

Our experienced team can guarantee that your books will be wrapped carefully, using top quality equipment and packaged securely ready for despatch to wherever you need, using our reliable distribution network in the UK and Europe.

Book Wrapping

Here’s why you should choose PRFM for your book packaging needs:-

* Bespoke book wrapping guarantees books are undamaged and arrive at their destination in perfect condition

* PRFM uses top quality book packaging, with variation in sizes to ensure secure packaging and no need for filler

* A cost-effective way to package books and guarantee they remain pristine

* An experienced team who pride themselves on attention to detail and a high quality turnaround

* A range of services to integrate with our book wrapping service

* Opportunities to add your branding and design to your packaging to emphasise brand recognition

* Storage capacity at our secure warehouses

* A reliable distribution network in the UK and Europe

Contact PRFM today to find out whether hand packing is the solution to your packing problems, and how it can work for your products and orders.

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