Cosmetic Product Packaging

Cosmetic products are hugely popular when it comes to the eCommerce market and each day thousands are shipped all around the world.

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What is cosmetic product packaging for?

PRFM’s cosmetic packaging service caters for a complete range of cosmetic products.

We offer custom packaging for beauty and cosmetic products, from hair goods to conditioners, soaps and creams.

As well as catering for a range of cosmetic products, we offer flexible and bespoke packing solutions which cater for complicated orders, varying batch sizes from small to large, and bespoke packaging needs.

All of this means we can provide the perfect solution for your cosmetic packaging needs, no matter what they are.

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Why is specific cosmetic product packaging important?

Cosmetic products aren’t quite like other products. They’re often liquids or creams and need to be picked and packed delicately to avoid breakages, damage and leaks.

On top of that, the nature of the cosmetic market means that the containers can be unusually shaped and sized, so they need product-specific packing to make sure they’re kept in perfect condition before and during shipping.

We use product-specific packaging and are constantly making sure we’re at the forefront of any advances in packaging materials to ensure products are kept as safe as possible - especially when it comes to cosmetics.

Add to this the fact that cosmetic product orders can vary in size from small batches to larger orders, and some need to be picked and packed in specific orders, which means you need experts involved.

Cosmetic Product Packaging

An Experienced Team With a Proven Track Record

Our experienced team has a proven track record in ensuring complicated orders are packed accurately and efficiently, allowing you to offer flexible orders to your own customers, safe in the knowledge they’ll arrive exactly as they should.

Can I combine cosmetic product packaging with other services?

The fact that PRFM offers a broad spectrum of contract packaging solutions means we can incorporate other services into our cosmetic product packaging.

This includes hand packing as well as gift wrapping and gift packing, which will add a special touch to your product and orders, setting you apart from the rest when it comes to the way your products arrive with your customers.

Cosmetic Product Packaging

What does cosmetic product packaging involve?

As experts in packing and distribution, PRFM offers all the services that are perfectly suited to cosmetic product packing, as well as the expertise and experience.

These include:-

* Experienced staff who know how to pick and package cosmetic products

* A hand collation and hand packing service that lends itself perfectly to cosmetics

* Additional services such as gift wrapping that add personality to products and help our customers stand out from their competitors

* Specific packaging materials and methods to ensure products are kept safe from damage

* Storage facilities in the UK and Europe and a distribution network that ensures efficient and streamlined delivery, wherever products need to get to

* A bespoke service that allows us to tailor our cosmetic packaging to whatever our customers need

If you want to find out more about cosmetic packaging and how PRFM can help with the perfect solution for your cosmetic products, contact us now.

Cosmetic Product Packaging

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PRFM acknowledges that each customer's requirements are unique, and we do not provide a standardised solution.

Our services, which include contract packing, bespoke solutions, gift wrapping, de-branding and re-branding, and more, are all customised to meet your specific needs. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that your products are packed flawlessly and delivered to the desired destination.

To discover how we can provide the ideal packaging solution for your business, please reach out to our sales team today without delay.

Don't hesitate to contact our sales team today to learn how we can provide the ideal packaging solution for your business.

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