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When it comes to picking, packing and distribution, automated systems are great for processing high volumes quickly and cost-effectively.

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Experienced Packers Assembling Bespoke Orders

Hand packing allows experienced packers to pick and pack to order, assembling bespoke orders and packing them with added care so they’re safe, perfectly-packed with attention to detail and any extra touches that our customers want.

At PRFM we offer a tried-and-tested hand assembly solution to cater for those more complicated, delicate orders, giving you peace of mind that we can pick and pack products that cannot be automated and get them to where they need to get to exactly how you want them.

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What is hand packing suitable for?

Hand packing is suitable for a range of products and orders that aren’t suited to automated packing.

Our hand assembly service is suitable for items including the following:-

* Fragile or breakable items

* Unusually-shaped goods like gift sets

* Items that need packing in a certain order

* Complex orders including various sizes and shapes as well as fragile materials

* Items that need additions like tags etc

* Large items that require large parcel delivery

* Small packing runs that might not merit the set-up costs of automation, like launches or promotions or temporary lines

Experienced Packers Assembling Bespoke Orders

Typical examples of products that benefit from hand packing include:-

* Mugs and crockery

* Product test runs

* Gift boxes and gift sets

* Greetings cards and stationery

* Promotional packs or small orders

* Sample products

* Hair and beauty products

* Cosmetics

* Food and drink products

Our hand packing service is suitable for all of these and more.

Our experience in the packing and fulfilment sector means we have the expertise in hand work to ensure your products are picked and packed safely and efficiently. 

Why choose hand packing?

Hand packing ensures delicate products or products whose packing cannot be automated are well protected and properly packed so they get to their destination exactly how you want them to.

A hand assembly service is also useful if you need to add extra touches to your orders, like labelling, tags, or anything else.

Flexibility to tailor your orders

Hand packing allows you the flexibility to tailor your orders to different customers rather than sending the same thing to everyone. It’s the perfect solution for smaller orders or orders that need to be bespoke and gives more flexibility than automated packing.

Hand packing provides an added element of accuracy to the packing process, allowing us to ensure there are no mistakes when it comes to bespoke or unique orders.

Contact PRFM today to find out whether hand packing is the solution to your packing problems, and how it can work for your products and orders.

Experienced Hand Assembly Company

What does PRFM’s hand packing service involve?

Our hand assembly service includes:

* Hand collation by experiences operatives who care about getting things right

* Hand packing to ensure delicate products are kept safe from end to end

* Number matching between invoices and consignments to ensure distribution is streamlined and cost-effective

* Hand finishing and labelling, along with any other extra bespoke elements to ensure your products stand out from the crowd

* Added extras from shrink wrapping to gift wrapping

* Access to other PRFM services including our ability to store your products ahead of distribution

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