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One of our most popular forms of contract packaging is our shrink wrapping service. Shrink wrapping ensures products are kept clean and damage-free and is a cost-effective way to package items securely ready for distribution.

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What is shrink wrapping?

Shrink wrapping uses heat technology to heat plastic film so it shrinks tightly around the products inside.

This keeps them safely packed together to prevent damage and protect the items inside.

Shrink wrapping also creates an air-tight seal that helps keep items inside fresh, making it a great solution for food products.

The versatility of shrink wrapping makes it useful for a wide range of products, allowing us to bundle all sorts of individual items together.

Shrink wrapping can be carried out using a heat gun or a special heat tunnel, making it adaptable to different sized products and orders. 

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What products can I shrink wrap?

The beauty of shrink wrapping is that it can be used to pack as part of the contract packing process for a wide range of products.

Shrink wrapping packs products tightly together, making it perfect for fragile and delicate products, as well as bottles containing liquids and gels such as cosmetics and hair care.

The airtight seal it provides also makes it ideal for wrapping food items, keeping them fresher for longer.

Shrink Wrapping Company

Items that can be shrink wrapped include:-

* Books

* CDs and DVDs

* Games and gift packs

* Calendars and greetings cards

* Cosmetic products including hair and beauty products

* Promotional products and multipacks

* Food items

* Toys and games

* Fragile items

Why use shrink wrapping?

Shrink wrapping is a tried and tested way of effectively packing a range of products and order types, from multipacks to batches.

It can be used for any shape of product, protecting them from damage and any dirt, as well as forming a tamper-resistant seal on products and packages.

Shrink wrapping gives you the versatility to create multipacks and bundles, making it a flexible way of forming just the right product selections for your customers.

On top of all this, shrink wrapping is cost-effective, allowing you to distribute the widest range of products possible, in as many batches, bundles and packs as you need.

Benefits of shrink wrapping include:-

* Useful for a wide range of products, including different sizes and shapes

* Useful for creating bundles and multipacks

* Cost effective

* Protects products

* Creates a tamper-resistant covering

* Keeps food products fresh

Shrink Wrapping Service

Why use PRFM’s shrink wrapping service?

At PRFM we’ve been shrink wrapping for years, incorporating it into our contract packing services and combining with other elements to add to the flexible, cost-effective service that we’re renowned for.

We have the expertise and equipment required to shrink-wrap a vast range of products, providing a safe and adaptable way of keeping them damage-free and secure, no matter where they’re going.

Shrink wrapping adds another dimension to the full suite of contract packing services PRFM offers, providing a cost-effective solution for everything from cosmetics to food and more.

Contact PRFM today about our shrink wrapping service and how it can add to your contract packing package.

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