Security Fulfilment & Packaging

Some items need extra security both during packing and in transit. PRFM is experienced when it comes to security packaging and fulfilment to ensure your products are kept safe during packing and shipping.

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Why is security important in fulfilment and packaging?

At PRFM we know our customers have invested large amounts of money in their products and in their distribution. With that kind of commitment and investment, it’s important that they have the confidence that those products are being kept safe and secure.

Secure storage, secure fulfilment, and secure packaging are all important in providing efficient, cost-effective solutions for businesses when it comes to their distribution and logistics requirements.

Finding a fulfilment expert that can provide secure packaging and can put security first when it comes to distribution is important in reassuring customers that their products and orders will be safe throughout the entire process. It allows you to stand out from the crowd when it comes to providing a superlative service and keeping your products safe and in perfect condition.

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What does security fulfilment and packaging involve?

PRFM offers a range of services to package products and orders securely, keeping them safe from the start of the process right to the moment they arrive at their destination.

That means no matter what your products or orders look like, we can help.

Security Fulfilment & Packaging

Secure packaging

Our secure packaging services include:-

* Non-transfer tamper evident labels

* Non-transfer tamper evident tape

* Total transfer security labels

* Security tags and boxes

All of these measures help ensure the security of your products and orders.

Secure storage

We also offer secure storage at our fulfilment centre, ensuring your products are kept safe at every part of the process, from arrival to packing and then on to distribution.

Our warehouses are covered 24 hours a day by high-tech CCTV which monitors every inch, ensuring no product is left out of sight, including monitoring and police response.

This not only ensures traceability and security, but gives our customers peace of mind. That’s why globally-recognised brands trust PRFM with their products and orders each and every day.

Every product and order is tracked from warehouse to destination

At PRFM we have a tried and tested fulfilment process that ensures every product and order is tracked from the minute it arrives at our warehouses to when it gets to its destination.

We take cybersecurity seriously and have invested in infrastructure and systems that ensure we are resilient and secure when it comes to our tech.

As well as number matching, we are ISO accredited. This includes ISO 27001 which ensures we have effective data protection, protecting us - and our customers - from any financial loss relating to data theft.

We also operate strict quality control procedures and our experienced, trusted team are used to dealing with a range of products and orders so they’re no strangers to secure fulfilment and packaging.

Benefits of Security Fulfilment and Packaging:-

* ISO accredited for reassurance and peace of mind

* Traceable from start to finish, with proven audit trails

* Added value for customers

* Cost-effective to ensure minimal losses due to security

Security Fulfilment & Packaging

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At PRFM, we acknowledge that each of our customers has distinct requirements, and we do not offer a universal solution. We offer personalised solutions, whether it is contract packing, customised packaging, gift wrapping, de-branding and re-branding, or any other service, to match your precise specifications. Our objective is to guarantee that your products are packed flawlessly and delivered to your preferred destination.

Feel free to contact our sales team now to discover how we can provide the perfect packaging solution for your company.

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With our distribution centres in the UK and Romania, we supply packaging and fulfilment services across Europe. Our international reach and high quality standards are why we are the fulfilment partner of choice for globally recognised brands.

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