Product Labelling Service

At PRFM we understand that packing and distribution is often about more than just packaging. It‘s about providing a full range of services that mean customers can outsource everything to the experts.

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Bespoke Product Labelling Service

Our product labelling service includes everything from barcodes to stickers, swing tags or swing tickets for your products.

We can also tailor our bespoke labelling service to your needs, providing labels for you where possible and making sure they are matched to your products.

On top of this, we can add batch codes and help with traceability to ensure our customers meet legislation and requirements.

All of this and more means our product labelling service is perfect for anything from labelling orders to labelling small or promotion runs, or even re-labelling existing stock.

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What is product labelling and why do you need it?

Product labelling isn’t just useful. It’s often a legal requirement.

Whether your products are being distributed to wholesalers or sold direct to consumers, labelling is a vital part of the process.

Traceability is increasingly important - and a requirement - across many industries, meaning batch codes are often key to labelling.

We can provide batch coding as part of our product labelling, helping our customers ensure they’re compliant, responsible, secure and reliable. We can also help people through the tracking process to ensure they meet all the requirements of current legislation in both the UK and Europe.

Product Labelling Service

What does our product labelling service involve?

We use state-of-the-art automatic labelling systems that allow fast, accurate labelling finished to the highest standard, which is perfect for dealing with high-volume orders and packages.

Our experienced team also has the skills and equipment to apply labels by hand for orders that are not appropriate for machine labelling, whether they’re too delicate, too complicated, or bespoke orders.

This service allows us to apply a range of labels, using various types of adhesive, to any shape or sized product, and various batch sizes.

Over-labelling and re-labelling

As well as initial product labelling, our labelling service gives us the capability of ‘over-labelling’ and ‘re-labelling’ products.

This allows us to cover up any existing artwork on certain products, or cover other labels with new labels to ensure they are accurate and look their best. 

Why choose PRFM for product labelling?

PRFM has a proven track record when it comes to contract packing, and that includes product labelling.

Our product labelling service includes:-

* High-tech equipment for automated labelling of large volume orders

* Hand labelling for delicate or bespoke orders

* An end-to-end packing solution and additional services to add to labelling

* Batch coding for bottles and packaging

* Advice and expertise on traceability and legislation

* High standards and experienced teams to ensure a high quality finish

* Warehouse space to hold stock for our customers, saving you cost and space

* Integration with other contract packing services to create an end-to-end packing and distribution package

If you want to add product labelling to your contract packing service, contact PRFM today to discuss your requirements.

Product Labelling Service

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At PRFM, we understand that every customer has unique requirements, which is why we don't offer a one size fits all solution.

Our range of services, such as contract packing, bespoke solutions, gift wrapping, de-branding, re-branding, and more, are all tailored to suit your specific needs. Our primary goal is to ensure that your products are packed flawlessly and delivered to the intended destination.

To explore how we can provide the perfect packaging solution for your business, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team today.

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