De-branding and Re-branding

De-branding or re-branding is a cost-effective way to update and refresh product lines that may have become outdated or surplus to requirements.

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What is de-branding and re-branding?

De-branding is when you effectively remove your branding from a particular product, and re-branding is when you add new branding to it.

This is useful when product lines have become outdated, or if a new brand is launched. By repurposing previous products through de-branding or re-branding, costly waste is avoided.

The most common way of de-branding is through the removal of packaging and labels and addition of new ones. Re-labelling allows you to add new branding, extra information and anything you need to breathe new life into a product cost-efficiently and effectively. 

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Why de-brand and re-brand your products?

No product line lasts forever. Sometimes they become outdated or surplus to requirements, leaving you with branded products you don’t need any more.

That’s where our de-branding and re-branding service comes in.

De-branding or re-branding is a cost-effective way to update and refresh your product line, meaning it doesn’t have to go to waste.

Instead a product rework means it is given a new lease of life, saving you time and money.

De-branding and Re-branding Company

What does re-branding involve?

We can help with de-branding and re-branding by removing any current packaging and labelling and replacing it with new ones.

We can re-label or over-label your products with high quality labels using a variety of adhesives and ensure they are clear and properly applied.

We can also add additional services to assist with re-branding including:-

* Pick and pack services to help you compile new offers, promotions, gift sets and product combinations

* Hand packing for delicate and fragile items once they have been re-branded

* Leaflet insertion to help with messaging involved in re-branding

* Repacking of promotional packs and products

* Product personalisation to assist with re-branding

* Security fulfilment services including non-transfer tamper evident labels, non-transfer tamper evident tape and security tags and boxes

Why choose PRFM for de-branding and re-branding?

When it comes to de-branding and re-branding, PRFM has years of experience, working with customers across a range of sectors to remove any old branding and packaging from products and replace it with new.

We have high quality equipment that ensures products remain in perfect condition throughout the de-branding process, and any re-branding is professional and perfectly presented.

Our experienced team can carry out all parts of the process from re-labelling to adding extra materials and re-packaging in the best way possible to exactly what our customers need.

We have the space, capacity and staff to deliver fast turnarounds on de-branding or re-branding of products, ensuring products are out of action for the minimum time possible, keeping our customers’ customers happy and making it a cost-effective solution.

If you are interested in de-branding or re-branding as part of your contract packing solution, contact PRFM today.

If you are interested in de-branding or re-branding as part of your contract packing solution, contact PRFM today.

De-branding and Re-branding Company

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PRFM recognises that each customer has specific requirements, and we do not provide a standardised solution. We offer customised solutions, such as contract packing, bespoke packaging, gift wrapping, de-branding and re-branding, or any other service, to cater to your precise needs. Our objective is to ensure that your products are impeccably packed and delivered to the desired destination.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our sales team today to find out how we can offer the perfect packaging solution for your enterprise.

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