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When it comes to gift packs or gift packaging, things need to be done right. If your customers are ordering gifts, they want to receive them in top-notch condition.

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Bespoke gift packing service tailored to your needs

PRFM offers a bespoke gift packing service tailored to your needs. We’ll make sure each and every product or gift pack is packaged safely and consistently.

For delicate orders that need hand finishing, our experienced team will not only pick and pack them, but also provide gift wrapping and other additional services to ensure they’re the perfect present for your customers.

We tailor our gift packaging service to your needs, making sure we’re giving your gift packs the attention they deserve.

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What items are suitable for gift packaging?

Pretty much any product can benefit from gift packaging.

From cosmetics and toiletries to books, stationery and even food items, these days virtually every product can be a gift.

Combining those items into gift sets is also a popular choice for customers who turn to contract packing services like ours to ensure their packages look and feel great - exactly as a gift should.

Bespoke gift packing service tailored to your needs

Why choose a dedicated gift packaging service?

Gift packaging might sound simple, but gift packing as part of contract packing is a bit more complicated than wrapping someone’s birthday present.

Gift packaging on a contract packing level involves large volumes of orders, combining products to form gift sets that are of a consistently high quality when it comes to the packaging.

On top of that, gift packaging can mean putting together bespoke orders or complicated gift sets, as well as dealing with delicate or fragile items, and everything from cosmetics and perfumes to haircare and toiletries.

A dedicated gift packaging service takes all of that into account and uses high-tech automated equipment, as well as hand wrapping options, to ensure all gift sets and gift-packed products are wrapped and packed to the highest standards, with no mistakes made.

What makes PRFM’s gift packaging service stand out?

At PRFM we don’t just offer a one-size-fits-all gift packaging service. We pay attention to every detail to make sure our gift packing service is bespoke and perfect for whatever our customers need.

We offer a range of styles, types and quality of gift packaging and can advise you on the most effective packaging for your products.

We can combine machine packing with our hand packing service for certain products and orders, ensuring the utmost care is given to gift packaging your products.

We offer our gift packaging service all year round and have high capacity through our experienced team, ensuring we can help when it comes to big occasions and busy times of year, without any sacrifice to quality.

We can combine our gift packaging service with other services including shrink wrapping, hand packing, labelling, Re-branding and more, to ensure that any gift sets look and feel great - exactly as they should.

Our expert team understands that gift packaging is a special touch, so they will use their experience and care to ensure our gift packing is carried out to the highest standards possible. 

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Choose gift packaging for:-

* Unique packaging for your product

* Available for a range of products and gift sets

* Consistent quality packaging - vital for gifts

* Options of machine or hand packing

* High capacity, including at busy times of year

* Integration with other packing services

* Storage capacity and a distribution network across the UK, Europe and beyond

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