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We can offer bespoke POS Kitting solutions to ensure your kits and bundles are packed properly, without error, ready for distribution to wherever you need.

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Bespoke POS Kitting solutions

Our strict quality control procedures virtually eliminate packing and data processing errors in more complicated packing requirements and our team can handle any hand finishing or hand packing to ensure any delicate or fragile items are packed without any damage.

Packing solutions for kits and bundles aren’t always straightforward, which means you need a more complicated solution to make sure it’s done right. At PRFM we have extensive experience in Point of Sale Kitting, allowing us to group multiple products in bundles or kits.

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What is POS Kitting?

POS Kitting, sometimes called bundling, is when multiple products are grouped into sets that can be sold as single units.

Kits can include multiple numbers of a single product, components of single products, or various related products grouped into bundles, as well as more complex requirements like the creation of kits that themselves are made of multiple kits.

POS Kitting can involve collating gift sets and consumer packs, as well as putting together point of sale displays and other uses.

At PRFM we can tailor our POS Kitting service to exactly what is needed, ensuring it is carried out professionally and efficiently, with minimal errors.

We can offer more complex solutions for bespoke orders, compiling multiple products and multiple kits into orders ready for distribution across the UK, Europe and worldwide.

POS Kitting

What POS Fulfilment and Collation Services does PRFM offer?

As part of our POS Kitting services, PRFM offers a range of POS fulfilment and collation services. These include:

* Services to cover all POS needs, from POS kitting to pick and pack and shrink or polywrapping

* Bespoke solutions to suit your exact data, artwork or packing needs, enabling a high level of personalisation

* De-branding and Re-branding for the occasions when a product rework is required

* Hand packing services and hand collation for delicate and fragile items

* Gift wrapping where necessary as part of POS Kitting and collation

Why choose PRFM for your POS Kitting needs?

As a leading fulfilment firm, PRFM has a broad range of experience not only in packing and packaging, but in kitting and bundling.

We offer comprehensive POS Kitting solutions that don’t just compile products and kits, but allow the addition of a range of other services to provide a full suite of services.

Our POS Kitting solutions include:-

* Strict quality control procedures to eliminate packing and data processing errors

* Competitive pricing

* A highly competent team with the option of hand packing and hand collation for certain items

* A proven track record of delivering POS Kitting efficiently and for fast turnarounds where required

* A full range of services to add to any standard POS Kitting needs, including gift wrapping, security tagging, Re-branding and product rework and more

* Storage facilities in our secure warehouses and a trusted distribution network to provide an end-to-end service

If you need POS Kitting, contact PRFM today to find out how we can help.

POS Kitting

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PRFM recognises that each client's requirements are distinct and that we do not offer a standardised solution.

We provide personalised services, including contract packaging, custom solutions, gift wrapping, de-branding, re-branding, and others, to meet your unique needs. Our primary aim is to ensure that your products are expertly packed and delivered to your desired destination.

Contact our sales team today without delay to learn how we can deliver the perfect packaging solution for your business.

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With our distribution centres in the UK and Romania, we supply packaging and fulfilment services across Europe. Our international reach and high quality standards are why we are the fulfilment partner of choice for globally recognised brands.

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